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August 23 2013


The Cup

Cups lonely, being poured into the boiling water, hot feeling, cup think this is the feeling of love. Variable temperature water, the cup is very comfortable, think this is the feeling of life. Water cools, the cup fear, and perhaps this is the loss of feeling. Water becomes completely cool, mugs difficult subject, trying to empty the water, the water was finally drained. Cup is very comfortable, but the cup also broke out on the ground of a one. Find that each one has a cup of water marks left on, it knows my heart still love the water, it wants to love again full of water, but impossible. Is it only lost only treasure, only the happiness to know everything in the past, it is understood to cherish now have.

May 13 2013


Love Quotes Sayings

Love quotes with pictures
People so seldom say
I love you
And then it's either
too late or love goes.
So when I tell you
I love you,
It doesn't mean
I know you'll never go,
Only that I wish
you didn't have to.
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When you came,
you were like red wine and honey,
and the taste of you
burnt my mouth with its sweetness.
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Inspirational Quotes

Inspires everybody
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